Broken knees

I am ready to see

my life taken away from me

as my love for you

goes deeper than my love of life

and life without you

is a meaningless burden

and only the hope

of finding you one day

keeps my heart warm and alight

It is this growing faith in me

that one day we will be reunited again

that has given me so much strength

the strength to sleep outside

in a windy night of autumn

the courage to be trapped

in blind freezing walls

and in curtains of fire

and be threatened

and hated and spitted upon

and still continue to love and cherish you

the courage to see my knees shattered

and my body tortured in pain

and not give up on this love

for its beauty eclipses

all the darkness and the pain

and all the other promises of life

that are dull and gray

confronted to the promises

and the colours of our love

and only through you

can all life gain a new meaning

can beauty burgeon all around

and can I fulfil my dreams

without you, I am nothing

I am incapable of dancing

the dance of creation

and loving of a pure love

and giving flesh to my imagination

you are worth every sacrifice

every effort

every word and whisper

you are worth everything

I have and I am

and only my love

is worth of you