An anthill is on the move

ants are coming out

from every crack

every hole

nothing in my room

is unreachable for them

and they know how to find

the bread and the meat

and the grains and the biscuits

however well I hide and enclose them

the ants always end up discovering them

I have grown to accept the ants

they perhaps were a forest in another life

a forest I burnt

and now they are taking back

what belongs to them

and I let them do

without trying to exterminate them

Ants are an interesting metaphor

of how we can hide nothing to one another

of how each of our deepest fears

each of our wound

is found and revealed to the light

it is painful and distressing at first

but once the dead weight is taken away

from our hearts, we feel so much lighter

and freer, and this is why ants have become

precious to me, as I watch their progression

and imagine the path I have walked in your spirit

and the path you have walked in my heart

and, when the heart of all things is touched

then our timelines bridge

and we meet again

as we discover that your heart and mine

are the same place, the same island

the same world

and we had been all along together

looking and wondering before the same things

and now we are finally able

to see all the truth and embrace it

as we hug one another

with all the tenderness we are capable of giving

all the love that we could never express before

all the vulnerability of a child

in the arms of his mother

we have circled round

and came back to the most essential values of life

the simplest too, the love of a child for his mother

and the love of a mother for her child

that is the miracle we have found between us

as layer after layer of pain have fallen

and we are ready to meet again

in nakedness of body and soul

for the perfect embrace of timelessness