Finding you


You have taught me

to find you in the emptiness you left

after you perished

and only now do I truly understand

what you meant by those words

as I realize I need not to write you

for my poetry to reach you

and that even if I whisper

somewhere on my own

the song of my heart

you will be close by

listening to me

fascinated by my eyes

your heart gained to my cause

already before you were born

I need not follow you or look for you

as you are everywhere around me

looking for me, cherishing me

I need not do anything but be

and write as I breathe

words wrought in love

I need not fear or dare

as I am grounded in myself

and my heart and my mind

finally are at peace with one another

Laws can do nothing against this love

as it is way broader

and way deeper

than any rule can reach

and instead of being trapped

I feel freer than ever

as the walls of mistrust have fallen

and I open my heart to you entirely

I am all yours my dear

all yours to possess and cherish and live with

I have no other ambition and plan

than bringing wave after wave of joy to your heart

no other dream than making you

the happiest woman, girl, on earth