Have you ever known

a piece of the world you knew and loved

disfigured, destroyed, forever gone, forgotten

Have you ever seen

an old house of stone filled with family history

and lively flowers

and drying clothes in the wind

and the slow life of an old grandmother

bustling around and preparing jams

and laughing with her neighbours

and her husband quietly drinking

a cup of coffee while playing a board game

and then life abruptly ends

the house and its garden are sold

and a new tower rises instead

one of glass and steel and concrete

that shadows the sky and the city alike

have you ever seen this story repeated over and over

and over until the old town is almost gone

and a new city of towers rises

where there was life and humanity and warmth and laughter

only the cold facades of ominous buildings now stand

and in your little heart you cry and mourn

for losing so much beauty

the trees that flowered and gave fruits in the garden

are all gone, replaced by cemented surfaces

with a few trees that seem clones of one another

Have you ever seen

a marvellous coast of rocks and grottos and pebbles

where the winter waves used to come and crash

and fill pools in between rocks with water

and give life to a diversity of marine creatures

closed, dammed, by a new jetty, a harbour

have you ever observed the monstrous machines of steel

at work, day and night and day

defeating what had taken millions of years to form

in the blink of an eye, and breaking your ears with their noise

and smothering your nose with their smoke

and scarring the sweetness of the landscape you knew

have you ever noticed how day after day

the jetty extended itself, torn between fascination and horror

as the world you once knew changes

and the seething waters become quiet

and the thriving life in pools grows dull

as they are colonized with green algae

and a bitter taste of end of world fills your mouth

as little bits of the beauty you knew when you were a child

are forever gone

Have you ever witnessed a country submerged

in its own stink, in its own garbage

littered all around the streets, on plains and valleys

in the mountains and at sea alike

and there shocked you realize

the sheer amount of waste we produce every day that passes

plastic and plastic and more plastic, and tin and glass

all thrown on the roots of the trees and where the grass grows

smothering the natural life with our dying waste

have you ever recoiled from all the wild fires

starting in the piles of garbage

and subduing the blueness of the sky with its dark soot

have you ever come closer to a town

drowning in its own smoke, as fires burn in every neighbourhood

and you think the end of the world has really come

Have you ever witnessed how mountains are eaten

by steel machines every day that passes

to produce concrete and mortar and build the new town of towers

as forests and sheer slopes and valleys

lose the cover of trees that kept them warm and cosy

and instead and stripped naked and shown to the world

in all their rawness

and have you ever seen all the birds killed

and the cartridges littering the ground

all around the laughing mountains that used to sing of peace in the past

Have you ever driven a car in the middle of traffic

among thousands upon thousands of cars

lamenting with yourself at how absurd the world is

as temperatures are ten degrees higher than they should

and the first rains have barely watered the ground in the middle of December

and the air all around is laden with heave substances

that our lungs recoil from

And have you ever been worried that the end of your world

would not be this long agony you foreshadowed

but would come through the deadly impact of bullets

and the shatter of bombs

or worse still, would happen overnight

as the mightiest quake shakes the ground

and throws down cities and mountains

and the sea rises and engulfs all the rubbles

When you have known such pain and such violence

you then understand our world is transient

and the best you can do is not try to resist the changes

or cry over your loss, as you would end up crying every moment of the day

nay, you realize the best you can do is understanding why this is all happening

and how you can find your happiness among this chaos

It took me time to understand, and for many years

I drowned in melancholy and despair

and only now do I realize the world is heading toward a change

the train of civilization is launched at a very high speed

and cannot stop itself, and it is heading toward a solid wall

but we can jump down from the train

and as more and more people jump down

the train slows down, and the impact is avoided

Jumping down starts by understanding

all what surrounds us is not the ultimate reality

the mountains eaten by the mechanical worms

and the skyscraper cities only have a temporal existence

as an infection or a disease can have in our bodies

for the land has its body too, which functions metaphorically as ours do

The reality around is a product, a result, of our thoughts

of our beliefs, of our convictions

and as we change within and understand love

we can bend the reality around us too

it is slow at first, as it starts within ourselves

but once the effects become visible for others to see

a ripple of surprise and sudden understanding travels around the crowd around

as people are slowly called back to their divine nature

and understand what they had been confusedly pursuing all their lives

is here to see and grasp, if they start looking beyond the surface of things

and it is a relief for them all, because none of them was truly happy of the lives they lead

as years passed they lost their simple ambitions

understanding money or fame or status didn’t bring the expected happiness

and they continued to do what they did, continued to think as they always had

simply because they are still launched in this train

but once they dare to jump, once we show them the example ourselves

they realize there is much more to life than what they thought

they realize that all the fantasy and the surreal and the magic

novels and movies tell about are perhaps more real

than the cold science school books teach to children

and then, the wind of change starts blowing in the world

as more and more people awaken to their true nature

and arrives a moment when the destruction is reversed

where the healers of the land step in and reconstitute the mountain

and wipe away the scars of the fields

that is not for now, as the systematic destruction of the land

is a valuable eye opener for people of all age who realize

they cannot continue to live as they do

and the next step is to realize they don’t want to continue to think as they’ve been taught

for the path to happiness lies elsewhere, within the realms of intuitions and dreams

Will you join me oh beloved, and together with me fulfil our Dream

will you bring your heart in togetherness with mine

until we can truly light this world with our words and our songs

will you work with me to transform everything around

and give it a renewed beauty and sense

until all our loved ones can see it too

and instead of heading toward destruction

we work to build the world of our dreams


Listen to this music to give you some courage