I like it to communicate directly with you

in words and images and signs

it makes life so much more interesting

as the forbidden is braved

in subtle prose

Heralds have not favoured our love

and instead want to see me hanged

at the top of the tower

I’ve for years built

and thrown in meal to the vultures

But as long as there is sap of life in my veins

as long as my heart beats for you

no wall and no rope shall stop me

from singing the grace and the beauty

of this emotion that has transformed me

Will you climb to the tower top

and cut my bonds

and throw yourself in the emptiness

together with me

as we both learn to flap our wings

and ride the wind currents

Will you explore the realm of clouds

and fly over mountains

until we gently land

in the forest of our dreams

far, far away from the hatred and the strife

the world once showed to us

and there, renewed, reborn

we come back surrounded by an aura

of love and strength

and we let this light seep

in every heart we encounter

Deliver me from this attach

with an embrace and a kiss

a smile will be enough

to make my heart blazing

and melt the stone all around

until it shines as a star in the sky

and as your lips touch mine

and our smiles meet

all our potential

is finally brought to the surface