An eagle


An eagle rises

above the mountains

ready to carry

the little hare

back home

where the turtle waits

A meeting point was set

and the eagle intends to be punctual

Little hare

you have nothing to fear

from this flight

colours might be a little blurred

by your fright of heights

but soon enough

you will take a renewed pleasure

in this flight

And your brother the turtle

is waiting for you

even if you have never lived together

and belong to two different races entirely

love will bridge all gaps

and understanding will flow

between your heart and his

There in his arms

you will feel as much at home

as you have never felt

and everything will become

as natural and effortless

as breathing is on fine days of spring

and ‘t is not a long fall and winter

that awaits you

but endless days of bliss

where your true nature will be revealed

in togetherness with your beloved