Wonder garden

sème ventcitronnier

I would like to take you by the hand

and show you the wonder garden of my childhood

show you how to scratch the lemon peel and its leaves

and fill your nostrils with the most delightful scents

as the sun caresses your back and your face

I would like to make you taste the wild artichokes

that grow in May for my birthday

and let you contemplate the growth of giant dandelions

day after day after day as its flowers bloom

and grow into a moon of winged seeds

that fly away to other realms on the first of summer droughts

I would like to look with you at the tiny blue and pink flowers

and find the white flower, rarest of all in a field

I would like to show you the barren trees

that grow crimson flowers in the midst of winter depth

to bring a little comfort to our hearts with the promise of a spring to come

Have you listened to the insistent breeze that starts stirring the sea

as the summer retreats and leaves place to fall

and the roar of waves that becomes a crescendo

and the tiny pebbles that are replaced by large ones on the beach

as the sea rises and rises, and throws out the most beautiful shells

have you smelled the first rains of autumn on a dry soil

and how the olives gorge with water and are ready to be harvested afterwards

and the snails that get out for their first strolls all around the garden

where the dry earth is now carpeted with many fallen leaves

and a dampness that covers your shoes with clods

Have you ever seen the sliver moon of September that colours in orange over the horizon

and tells of stories of other worlds and other times

and the winter storms that cap the mountains in white

and the wind that becomes a gale and slams the windows

and forces you to retreat inside by the warmth of a hearth

and there you warm your hands and roast some chestnuts

and as the storm rages outside, you can let your imagination freely roam

for everything becomes possible hidden by curtains of rain and hail

and shattering waves, and the world is no longer a controlled place of boredom

but the wild theatre of your dreams and your stories

Will you surrender to this togetherness with me

and retrieve the joy and the excitement and the sense of wonder

of your childhood, will you give a new meaning to each thing

a depth to each relationship through the love of one another

that purifies our hearts and let the rustle of wind in leaves

and the morning dew on grass touch as in the deepest of our soul

will you step together with me in the wonder garden of my childhood

and let yourself be guided, and guide me

will you let all the beauty within you shine

and the world see you for whom you truly are

will you pardon yourself and pardon me

and give me your hand and dance with me round the fire

on the rhythm of the melodies of heaven

You know the path, oh beloved

you know where to walk to get out of the dampness of your forest

and meet me again at the meadow where so long ago we made a vow

Many times I’ve broken my word

but now I’ve been through fire and hell

and reforged my will

retrieved my original candidness

and as I write I am walking in strides

toward the wonder garden of our dream

arbre rougecoucher de soleilfleurs bleuesombrephare perduwonder garden


Come with me