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Have you known the sadness

and the desolation of war

as the airplanes roam around

and the bombs fall

one shattering impact after another

and the world you’ve known

is forever gone

what you thought stable and immutable

as mountains themselves

was in fact a facade of cardboard

buildings and bridges are flattened

destroyed, in the blink of an eye

as the ground shakes under your feet

and you fear that the solid walls around

will fall over your head and bury you there

The noise is frightening during the day

and even more frightening at night

when your sight goes to rest

and your ears are tense

watching for the least noise

the slightest helicopter buzz growing

dangerously close to the ground

and all your body shivers expecting the next impact

the next bomb that will fall, now or tomorrow

and that will tear the air and deafen you

sending its shock waves to the very doors of your heart

A school filled with children explodes

as the clock of time stops, shattered by the blast

you go there a few days later, and nothing has moved since

everything is frozen in the shock of aftermaths

The sea colours up in dark as the land and its towns bleed

and everything is plunged in the most horrid stink

as the tanks containing the past, dark holes of our collective memory

burst open and empty their content everywhere

into the rivers and the sea

Even you who have grown in safety

shakes and weeps before such a spectacle

a savage suffering imposed on ourselves

victims of the ways of the world we are

can you feel the pain of these shattered lives

of these lost dreams

can you hear the echo of the shock wave

still reverberating in you

does it open up new memories

new pockets of sadness in your chest

do you mourn the loss of love, the loss of life

as I do

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