You have pushed and pushed

and pushed me

until instead of pushing back

or pulling away

I learnt to stand still

and cover you in kisses

Slap me in the face

and I will keep giving you my cheek

until you caress me

where your fingers

have caused pain in me

and the sole idea of your skin of mine

takes all the pain away

and instil the scar with warmth

and hope

You have pushed and pushed me

until I grew strong enough

not to fall on my knees

and light enough

to dance and jump

uncaring of gravity

And now I have taken a leap

of trust and faith

in your love and the divine

I have jumped from one mount

to another

uncaring of the fall

and its consequences

trusting that at the end

you’d be there

waiting for me open-armed

and the love flowing from your heart to mine

would heal any damage caused by my fall

The second, ghost you

is almost fading away in the distance

as the real you grow more and more luminous

and I cease being confused by these persona

as my heart learns to see you

and know where you truly are

even when you are still invisible to my eyes

You have taught me to see you

wherever, whenever, however you hid

I can now extend my hand

and take yours gently

I know you are everywhere around me

and in me, skipping in joy

as I give you an embrace of words

waiting to be together in flesh