Have you ever had

everyone around you

turning up against you

and accusing you to be a liar

to be crazy, deceitful and manipulative

Have you ever been in a situation

where you have to avow crimes

you had not committed

Have you ever felt the pain

of hearing your family

saying you are not the person

they thought you were

and that the real you is gone and lost

Have you ever felt the worry of your parents

and their hearts bleeding for you

and the hearts of your grandparents

bleeding as well out of worry for your safety

and out of pain that you have deceived them

despite their respectable age

and their gentleness

Have you ever been treated as someone bad

as an enemy of public goods

as a dangerous individual to enclose

and keep guard around

and interrogate and accuse

no matter what his arguments are

Have you ever tasted such unfairness

while knowing deep down

there is fairness in this unfairness

and what is happening to you

will eventually strengthen you

and grind and purify your love

so that is shines even more brightly

and a bridge of light appears

between our two hearts