Another fire

The fire in his building brought back

the man, the boy

to another time, another fire

as the green rolling hills

covered in oaks and pines and brambles

went ablaze

watching the green being consumed

in orange and yellow and red

before turning black

with a blend of fascination and horror

protected by distance on the roof of his grandfather’s house

and then for years the hill turned black

speaking of a haunting past and a dreadful fire

Another memory too has been reawakened

as the boy remembers a morning of fall in his parent’s garden

as he saw the first flames, heard the crackling of a fast moving fire

coming directly toward the trees he cherished

and then for a moment, he imagined the boughs catching fire

and falling down on the house, as everything became

a brazier from which no one can escape

the panic seized his heart as he screamed and shouted

to prevent the world he loved from coming to an end

Have you known a fire yourself, oh beloved

was it in a pyre we perished in one another’s arm

did I make use of fire to exterminate Ychrentiyë’s woods

and transform the most fertile island of the world

in a barren desert to fulfil my greed

and quench my hate for myself