A fire


A fire burns through my building

dense smoke drowns the corridor in fog

the blaze as I open the door of my room

pushes me back in fright

and I retrieve myself trapped

trapped within walls of fire

It is a prison of a different sort

one where you ignore too what is happening

and what your fate will be

one where the wildness of the threat

is even more urgent

one where you expect anytime

to hear a bang, an explosion

one where you still have a window

to jump and flee the flames

As much as the lethargy in between blind walls

freezes your body and lets your mind roam

the immediacy and liveliness of fire

makes you jump on your feet

and circle round your cell

wondering whether to brave the flames

because they grow too thick a curtain

or whether to stay in your cell and wait

for the end of the world

or for salvation to come