has been long lost

and retrieved

as I write words

you now read

My poetry embalms your heart

in tenderness and love

and my words


your understanding with mine

Let me take your hands

trust my touch

my caresses

do not recoil far away from me anymore

and let me kiss your skin

and your brow

and bring back a smile

to your heart

Let loose of old attaches

disentangle from lies

and half-truths

and let your soul shine

within your body

let harmony be retrieved

instilled in all you touch

and come to find me

where I am waiting for you

There will be no reproofs

no anger, no sadness

only the deepest love for you

for you have acted out of the deepest love

and you have trusted me

like you never trusted anyone else

Do not hate yourself

do not blame yourself

do not regret the past

do not fear the truth

that will find its own way in each heart

as the heart is designed in a way

to welcome the truth

and let it brightly shine within

Speak out what you feel

do not fear consequences

as they are mere dust

before the happiness awaiting you

awaiting us

Right what was wronged

Add colours to your drawing

My hands are here

to assist you in your task

My voice is here

to accompany yours

in its concert of truth

My heart beats

at the same pace as yours

and will welcome

and cherish and heal

all your fears

My smile is open to you

ready to cover you with

the warmth of joy

Let the light shining within spread

let everyone know how things truly are

let this wind blow uncaring of consequences

for my words bear the antidote

the love

to all the pain your actions will cause

and your voice, your song

is the most soothing melody in the world

break yourself loose and free

as long ago you dreamt to be

dance in the air and fly

and feast and rejoice

and get everything ready

for our paths and our bodies

to meet again

in the heaven of our dream

as happiness dance in us

and we become our soul