Flying to another realm

Flying to another realm

In togetherness

we are flying to another realm

breaching walls

defying fears

and reason

or what we thought

reason was

In togetherness

we are dancing a dance

so fast ever faster

until we form a whole

a circle to the external eye

but you and me

we see, we know

as our body

and our spirit

together move

It’s scary this dance

on the verge of abysses

we need to trust one another


with our own life

the slightest misstep

and you cause my fall

or I cause yours

the slightest misstep

and the dagger we juggle with

may end up in one of our hearts

It is a crazy dance

one that leaves no place to fear

no place to doubting

of one another skills

one another promises

the past is the past

and the present is different

the past won’t repeat itself

back then there was more distance

and discordance in our dance

we were less close

we were wearing more layers

of dead skins


on our shoulders

but now we’re as light

as lightening

and fast, ever faster

and instead of dancing on a large space

our bodies now can dance

on the thinnest ropes

and ridges of stones

and we can pass through bridges

that at the time seemed unpassable

we can cross gaps

travel ever farther and faster

deep within the world of our dreams

one mountain at a time

daring to jump above a valley

hands in hands, kissing

entrusting one another’s heart

and life

our faith is blind

we are ready

ready to meet again

and jump

yet another

impassable canyon

we are ready to jump

without landing again on our feet

but taking to the airs

and flying, flying

even farther and deeper

in the world of our dreams



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