Disentangling all the nodes

I look into the mirror

and I see myself

a smile

a beam

a roaring laugh

I’ve chosen my sailor’s shirt

a reminder of the different

knots that exist

and how to disentangle them

There are two realities

that are bridged


brought together

by the mirror

A long path we have walked

many hardships endured

the promise of the most intense joy

of the tenderest love

seen on the horizon line

and now potentials are becoming truth

as we merge into the mirror

the horizon line

that unites the ocean with the sky

the sea with the clouds

we are there, together

as our hands touch

for the first time




our bodies closer

our breaths mingle

our eyes, a beam of light

our skins brush

delight of the scent of nightly flowers

that embalm the air of quiet gardens

with the freshness and the dreaminess

of basil, we close our eyes

and breathe

and open them again

as our laughing lips meet

we are together

our dream is coming true

in a kiss

all my body longs for yours

I stroke and caress you

as we come into one another

in the purest ecstasy

a togetherness not only physical

as our hearts and our worlds merge


come again in togetherness

after so long a separation

and each atom of our invisible being

dance in joy

drunk by our victory



One comment

  1. Nicely written as always! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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