Wonder world

Wonder world

At last I have found you

I accepted


your absence

and I have discovered

another, deeper you

lied within all things

You are here, all around me

in the air I breathe

in my heart that beats

in the lines I draw

in the words I write

in the music I play

You are here all around me

surrounding me

protecting me

transforming me

and everything

my hands touch

My colours have found a new

unsuspected depth

shapes are born without even trying

all the answers were within my heart

I now realize

Take my hand

and let’s jump together

in this whirlpool of colours

that will bring us to

the wonder worlds

of our dreams

Let this smile grow on your face

and become a deep

crystalline laugh

as pure as you have not laughed

since you were a child

Come with me and forget

forget about everything else

the past is gone

the future is now

and our happiness lies

within one another

in this sacred togetherness



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