Sacred valley

Sacred valley

For a while we journeyed

in the sacred valley

where colours and shapes are born

we walked and walked

as the flat landscape

assumed a new depth

and surrounded us

in layers of mystery

and dreaminess

The mist is not anymore

aggressive and oppressive

it has become gentle

and it recoils at our touch

as our limbs all shine with light

giving to the landscapes

a fairy touch

and hinting that the impossible

the miraculous and the dream

are possible

We are not anymore in the world we know

but in a place where dreams are true

where ideas and feelings

become shapes and paintings

and objects and forests and mountains

we are in a place

where the world is shaped

through the breath of our heart

we are in a place we have dreamt of all along

but we always feared did not exist

and we never could find its entry door

and now we have found it at last

‘t is not an entry gate or gate or a portal

as you’d expect them to be

in stone or iron or glass

but a long journey

through lands of haze and ice

and fire and water and dewy mistiness

a long journey in the nowhere

where everything is deconstructed

reconstructed, transformed

within and around us

and now in the sacred valley

everything is coming back

to its right place

and we are retrieving the wholeness

we always dreamt of

here in the sacred valley

our body and our soul is healed

as the gentle brush of my hands

caress your face and your heart

and your gentle gaze

caress my eyes and my person

you have accepted me entirely

and so I have with you

all our past was a quest to find one another

to find happiness and love

and find this sacred valley

that is nowhere mapped

that no one has heard of

except in legends and fairytales

and there let the breath of God

renew and transform us

until our wings grow

and we can return to the world

not as human beings but angels

angels of truth and light

who will guide others with their words

and their songs

and their painted worlds taking life

to reach too those places outside our realm

where all burdens can be laid down

and our bodies purified and lightened

with the fire of life

and our heart rekindled

with the colours of the rainbow

until our light

comes in perfect white balance



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