A pink rose

A pink rose

I have gifted myself a pink rose today

‘t is neither red nor white

and white and red at the same time

‘t is the of the colour

of erotic and spiritual love

blended together

Oh beloved

we have finally reached a state

where balance reigns

The deepest wishes, the dreams

of our body and our spirit

are being tended to

and we are ready to embrace again

renewed, reborn

into new beings of compassion

All along we dreamt of our angelic selves

and the love that sometimes filled

our heart with joy

all along we knew

we’d one day find

wholeness and happiness

and yet the path was hard

and cruel and painful

there were many thorns

denting at our flesh

shards of glass in our chest

we cried and we screamed

and only the silence echoed

the silence of another pain

of another wound

that touched one another

at the deepest

We counted hours and days

before it would all be over

and real life would start

All along we had been asleep

dormant in our potential

all along the landscape around

had been drowned in haze

and now, only now

can we together awaken

and kiss the kiss of clarity

the kiss of unconditional acceptance

and eternal love

It was a nightmare

a half-awake night

a half-sleeping day

where we painfully trodded our way

and now today

on this holy day you were born

we are coming closer to completeness

than we ever were

as our hearts

melt their last defences

in the warmth of our love

and flowers bloom

where waste fields laid

and the scent of roses and basil

bewitches our senses

as we come closer and closer

to joining hands