You love me

You love me I hear

as rivers of warmth flow in my heart

and yet instead of dancing in joy

I fear and I cry

how can I deserve your love I wonder

it is so deep, so tender, so absurd

and there I stand, almost stranger to myself

unbelieving that the unthinkable can happen

I do not deserve you I want to cry and to shout

and yet I long for you

I long for you so much and so deeply

I long to hear your words again

to feel the caress of your poetry

to get lost into your prose

as in marvellous worlds

to see you again and embrace

and kiss you as I once dreamt

a kiss of unconditional acceptance

of the deepest compassion

for each and every of our flaws

a smile of the heart and some shedded tears

a gentle hand, an embrace

the most utter comprehension

we could ever dream of

in your eyes I read all my truths

and in my gaze you find all your answers

even the most obscure and mysterious

is revealed and beautified