A ring of love

A ring of love

The land and the sky

are growing closer and closer

united by a ring of love

that takes root in the ground

and reaches toward the clouds

Will you put your hand on my heart

and let me put my hand on yours

so we can listen to one another’s heartbeats

and look into one another’s eyes

finding there the answer to all our questions

the solution to all our problems

And then we will be ready

to gently hold one another’s hands

and step into the ring of union

that melds my body and yours

into a circle of completion

Then, there, our potential will fully awaken

our gifts will reach a new depth

and a new height

the combination of my light and yours

will bring the colours of perfection together

and we will realize we knew the truth all along

deep down in our hearts

we knew that we were born to meet

and unite in love

and that this love was, is, the only way

to give a meaning to our lives

the only way to make sense of this universe

the only way to be happy

born for one another we were

our eyes were blinded for long

but our hearts knew the truth

and desperately danced toward one another

like two magnets pulling our bodies closer

leading our feet to meet

looking for the circle of completion

and rekindle our inner fires

to brighten and light the world