My heart was hardened

I did not realize

how hardened my heart was

until the walls around cracked

and I saw how distorted

my view of the lands of life

had been

Life’s pastures are way wider than I thought

its lakes way deeper and more colourful

its mountains way taller and more impressive

and my heart, far from being a solitary island

is an extension of this infinity

an infinity within another infinity

There, once this muscle is free again

to contract and expand at its will

my soul plays its melody

and instil my entire body with its dancing strength

there, tears are born and smiles are formed

there, life pulsates like in no other place

Your heart and mine are not two solitary islands

to connect with a bridge or a tunnel

they are way closer

way tenderer with one another

their compassion is deeper even

than that of parents with their child

and then everything becomes possible

and our wildest dreams come true

in this space of boundless love