Disentangling the threads

Disentangling the threads

For ages we have been trapped

with laces and laces of fine cobweb

and slowly we have learnt to disentangle nodes

and journey to the root of each thread

with the most careful motions

not to tighten the knots

that bit at our heart

And now finally we are not anymore loosening each yarn separately

a maelstrom of understanding, a strong northern wind

has started blowing

and it has swept away the heavy rainclouds from our sky

and with the remaining clouds it has stretched and spread them

until they became as thin as silky cirrus straw

and are burnt by the summer sun in the morrow

We are finally free to rise and move again

our legs are stiff and our voice is hoarse

so long we have not walked and spoken

we do not know where to go, what to say

but as we sleep a resting night and wake up again

we shall see everything with a new clarity

and start living as if we had always been free

because such is the power of freedom

it changes your past and your future

making the present timeless and eternal