River of blood

River of blood

A river of blood

is flowing between us

around us

our chests are leaking

our hearts are wounded

and crying

tears of red

I have been unfair toward you in the past

you were vulnerable to me

and I hurt you and hurt you

without pity and compassion

And now it is my turn to learn

to stand in all my nakedness in front of you

and your turn to slap me

even when I discarded all my masks

This pain I feel allows me to pardon myself

and clear the past

and so I understand

you rejected me out of love

Instead of shouting and fretting in anger or despair

I take these blows quietly

and feel a caress underneath

I have let go of all my armour

and accept the action of knives in my chest

if I feel hurt, then I deserve it

and it is necessary to heal

but now that I accepted to let the wind caress my naked skin

all pains vanish

and I realize that knives were in fact feathers

and that the river flowing around us

is pregnant with soil waiting to be deposited on our lands

to increase their wealth

and let their meadows and forests

grow and flourish like never before



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