We are worldbuilders

who restore what has been broken

by time and oblivion

who imagine and give existence

to what has not existed yet

With our heart

we feel the stones of old

and we bring them back to life

first in drawings and in songs

and then in real life

In each intent we see

a research for beauty and love

perhaps what these people looked for

they never found

but now that our wisdom has deepened

and our imagination has expanded

we can transform the land

this palimpsest of the past

adding one more layer of colours and understandings

until what was incomplete is completed

what was unrelated and disharmonious become harmonious

until each thing gains a new coherence

Masks and false ceilings shall fall and crumble

until the naked truth is revealed in each thing

as well as in each of us

and then this blinding light won’t be blinding anymore

and we will be able to see beauty and hear melodies all around

as unity is brought back to the world




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