I see through you

I see through things

I find colours in greyness

and in darkness

my vision of the world is transformed

and where there was flatness

I perceive a new depth now

I can see my surroundings

even by night time

and find the day within the night

Even in the cold emptiness

my heart beats with warmth

and I can feel you in the void you left

Can you see me too

even when your eyes are closed

and you are blinded by the thickest and the darkest night

can you feel my breath that is a growing whisper in the wind

can you hear my melody that is growing into a song

can you sense my caresses that are gently infusing

warmth and radiance on your skin

can you see my eyes looking into yours

and as our gaze reunite again

our lips embrace in an invisible kiss

that grows more visible and real as time passes

and settles each thing around us at its right place

and smoothes and deepens the melody of the world

until it perfectly welcomes our own melody

and our colours shine as freely as that of a star

in a moonless sky



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