Colourless mirror

I offered you a mirror once

it bore colours I had not painted

and after you used it a few times

its colours disappeared

Everything that does not come from you and from me

is wiped off like drawings on the sand

are erased by the tides of the ocean

Nothing that is untrue or unoriginal

can survive between us

and the action of time revealed our nakedness

underneath the masks we hid with

After the colours of the mirrors were washed away

it became magical as it could show you

your truth and mine as you stared into its frame

revealing an infinity you had not suspected before

and a beauty you could only dream of

you felt the caressing action of my hand on your heart

and you felt the need to cover me with tenderness and kisses too

Look at the mirror and see how close our faces now are

we have journeyed for a long time

and climbed many ladders and many mountains

trusting one another’s promise that one day we shall meet again

and be able to embrace as we never could in the past

to never be parted again

Look at the mirror I once gave you

see the truth of my colours revealed to your eyes

feel the flame of my heart in the palm of your hands

let it guide you toward me

and I will use the magical mirror you have given me

to find you wherever you are

soon we shall meet again

as our paths collide, where and when we ignore

but our worlds are coming closer and closer

until our magical mirrors will fuse and become one

a mirror where we can step into and walk

and explore the world of our dreams

we are almost there my dear

almost there

and soon we will unite again our lips and our hands

to never be parted again

and consciousness will flow between your eyes and mine

like a river of light illuminating us both

from inside and out

dream my dear, and let your faith carry you with its wings

dance my dear, and let your whirling motions bring you to me

as I dance toward you

look into my eyes and see the depth of my longing and my love

see the nakedness of my face

as you had dreamt it once

a dream you could never forget

a face you saw every day and every night in your magical mirror

even when your eyes were hazy and blurred

even when your heart was troubled

this face I dreamt of for so long and I now see so close to mine

We are now holding hands and dancing together

as you twirl and fall into my arms

and we look into one another’s eyes

and find a beautiful infinity there

where all our dreams come true

and time stops

and we are married now and forever

you are mine and I am yours

entirely to have and behold

I feel your breasts pressed on me

the warmth of your body flowing into mine

the radiance of your smile illuminating my face

the same wonder if your eyes and mine

your mouth caressing mine and coming into me

I am on fire everywhere and dancing on a cloud in the swiftest of breezes

I am singing out of joy and you are singing too

this is our dream coming true

as the purest of our lights is revealed to the world

and to one another’s eyes



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