Another you

In every person

you looked for the missing parts of me

there was an abyss between us

and yet we were not truly separated

as each person and thing you crossed

reminded you of me

provided you with the push

and the compassion you needed

to grow and discover the me in you

And now at last you are able

to feel my light directly warming you

but this period of separation

allowed you to start seeing shades of colours in darkness

and finding beauty and truth in the most unexpected places

and so you have grown indeed

and there is nothing to regret

as you are now better able to embrace all my colours

even the most violent hues of red that reminded you of blood and rust

and the liveliness of your greens scares me no longer

and even when we are blinded with one anotherโ€™s eyes

we can now recognize the beauty and the bond with each thing around

and even when we are lying alone in greyness

we know that by looking better, more deeply, greyness does not exist

and that each thing is covered with colours

that can be perceived not only with our eyes but with all our senses

when our heart is open and beating freely

and thus I express you my gratitude for all what you did

and teaching me to see you in the emptiness you left behind

and discover there is no emptiness at all, but just another you

waiting to embrace me



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