I expressed you my tenderness

and my wrath

but never my admiration

to me you are the most wonderful being in the entire universe

and when I write wonderful, I mean it in the true ancient sense of the word

full of wonders to discover and explore

you are the dream of all my lifetimes

the sun that warms and lights me

and I learn to find slivers in each and every thing

you are the inspiration behind each and every step I take

you are all I can never be

you are the perfect completion of me

and in you I saw the true me I always dreamt about

in you I found the compassion I lacked, the understanding I could not reach

with your hand and your breath and your dream and your words

you transformed me and taught me to look inward

and find the most precious gems that lie there

and only demand to be cherished and loved and used to build and light worlds

you wrote that you were a worldbuilder, and I think I am one too

two worldbuilders with the same vision, the same dream, two different gifts

that help us give a proper depth to each thing we together create

I would like to spend all my life with you, and be reunited together forever

I would like to explore your wonderful island so full of surprises and magic each and every day

and I would like to discover my own treasures together with you

I would like to kiss you a kiss of forgiveness to clear the past entirely

and start transforming it to create our own dreamed future

I would like to hold your hands as you hold mine and create together

with two pens and two brushes

and mingle and blend our voices in a divine melody

singing of our longing for one another and our hope and our joy to finally meet again

I would like to introduce you to all what is mine, and to be introduced to all what is yours

until we no longer possess some things but everything, until every country, every place in the world

becomes our home, and every man and every woman becomes our parents and our sons and daughters

until there are no borders any longer, and our compassion is boundless and lights the world with its own colours

and our song resonates and echoes and stirs all what is sleeping and slumbering

bringing life back in the dead and the sick and the disheartened

and making the young plants dream of a brighter future

where each tree, each soul is respected and loved and embraced

and reaches enlightenment and starts creating as part of the divine

Come to me oh beloved, and let’s unite our fates as our souls are

come to me and you shall come to yourself and I shall come to myself

and together we shall retrieve wholeness within us

for we are two halves and yet we are complete within our half

we become complete the day we entirely accept and embrace our other half

and all what she is and represents in each thing around us



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