The way to freedom

The way to freedom

Beyond the stone portal

lies the way to freedom

For years you’ve been trapped

like a wild animal in a cage

trying to restlessly escape

the invisible bounds that held you caught

But you had not understood

these chains that bit into your feet

were all yours

and that escaping from one’s self

is as impossible as distancing the shade

the sun lends to your silhouette

You had not understood

that the prison that prevented you from grazing

in the pastures of your dream

was an inner as much as an outer state

and that to defeat these walls

you first had to retrieve the way

to your heart

And now for the first time in ages

the doors and the windows

that prevented you to breathe the scent

of the flowers of your innermost garden

have been unhinged and carried away by the breeze

and there you stand on the doorstep of your prison

blinded by a sun so bright

and a wind so blunt

intimidated by a sensation of freedom you had almost forgotten

You know all your being wants you to go forward

one step at a time

and yet the echo of an old fear

still binds you to the ruined fortress of your inner prison

and only these words I sing to you in the wind

can melt your last resistance

and fill your chest with warmth

to step into the wild nature of your soul

and cross storms and mountains and rivers

with as much grace and temerity

as a magnificent bird would show

and with the knowledge that the elements around you

are not an enemy to fear

but a current to ride

and when the storm rages outside

you shall learn to let it blow within you too

as its rain irrigates your lands

and its lightning fills your gems with much needed blaze

and in the prison where you were you had none of that

and that was why you felt so miserable

and unable to make your escape

Now that the tempest lends you its energy

you remember you are a daughter of the storm too

and you step into its swift curling currents

with a smile of your lips

and fire burning deep down your eyes

and you open your arms and embrace

the beauty of unchained elements

and you recognize the freedom with which clouds dance in heaven

as yours

and you understand with all your heart why the storm

after having been imprisoned in an egg for a time

is so eager to cover up the land and the sky with its wings

and bring its symphonies of war and peace

its slaps and its waves and its caresses

and you too embrace the tempos of the storm within you

and understand there can be no real tenderness, real joy and real love

without the fury of the wind and that of thunderbolts

there can be no sweetness without swiftness

no quietness without anger

and that all these emotions are as indispensable as one another

for you to roam freely the heavenly pastures of your heart