The petals of Falnë

The petals of Falnë

Falnë was built in layers

like the petals of a flower are arrayed

There were different planes of existence

connected by a single stem

that bridged them all with the sap of life

And you could move ‘round all Falnë

with an ease that is long forgone

And nowadays what you see as countries

and borders and worlds and limbs

used to all be part of the same whole

and there was a stringent harmony to this melody

that has now been lost and forgotten

But in truth it is not the music that has been spoiled

but the quality of our hearing

and the way we listen to the melodies of the world

that now all seem in disharmony with one another

and if we lent a careful and knowing ear

which can appreciate music in all its depth

then we would hear again this same music

that used to open doors and melt walls

in the hearts of women and men

This symphony still exists in an underlying level of our world

a place where instead of perceiving divisions and strife

all we see is unity and the desire to grow and bloom together

like the petals of a sole flower

or the flowers of a sole tree

or the trees of a sole forest

or the forests of a sole world

or the worlds of a sole universe

underlying them all the same light of consciousness flows

and bring them all together in a harmony that has never been lost

And now you’ve heard this secret

look again at the petals of Falnë

not as separate and warring nations

but as small complementing pieces of the same puzzle

You believe this ancient vase has been broken

in a thousand shards

but if you look carefully enough you shall see

that the real vase is still lying where it always was

untouched by time

and the honed shards that prevented you from walking

from fear of wounding your feet

are just illusions of your fears

For a sole instant, close your eyes

the eyes of your fears

and focus on the eyes of your heart

and go forward in your path where the shards prevented you to move

and then instead of being impaled in broken glass

your feet shall touch mellow grass or sharp rocks

do not mistake the rocks for broken pieces of the vase of life

even if sharp needles hurt your feet

rest assured that as you walk on and on

the rocks shall grow less and the grass will become more abundant

and there will be rivers where you will be able to bathe your feet

and rest and clean your face

and remove the dead layers of skin

preventing you to see the world as it truly is