The tree of union

United - The tree of union

It is the same boughs

that bear my heart and yours

and the same sap of life

that irrigates them both

Our faces and our bodies are two

as they rise like moons

within the tree branches

and yet at times they appear as one

when we visit one another’s sacred towns

and join hands in union

Our organs are like constellations

of fireflies or stars

hiding within the tree’s foliage

providing enough light to see

and yet keeping some mystery

for the passing wanderer

This tree is ours my dear

and it is quite magical in truth

we don’t know yet all its secrets ourselves

as we discover new boughs and entryways

and nests and intersections every day that passes

we can climb the boughs till the star

and visit the roots in the underworld

and every bough we see

every leaf that caresses us

every fragrance of flower

reminds us of one another’s presence

as we feel our love flowing

from our backbone

to the tree trunk




About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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