The sailing shrine of your heart

Broken heart

There is a shrine in your heart

that has not been dwelled in for a long time

and that you’ve been looking for

since ever it was lost

To get into that secret cathedral

that sails as a ship

pushed by the wind of your emotions

you need to cross many a desert and narrow corridors

crowded with unwanted memories and ghosts of the past

and where water drops fall from the ceiling with eerie noises

making you jump and start and sweat tears of fear

There are many places you do not wish to visit

within the carved mountain of your heart

many galleries that have been condemned with walls of stones

many galleries that have crumbled

or still offer narrow creeping passages on the days you are particularly brave

And yet pushed by an invisible force too strong to be resisted

you have slowly cleaned up and explored room after room

and gallery after gallery until you have composed a shifting map

of the dug mountain of your heart

and thus you have realized that by singing the right song

you can always find your path

And now for the first time in ages

you are finding your way through this maze within your chest

until you come to the very door of the sailing shrine

and you jump aboard this vessel that sails

the ocean of your emotions pushed by the namesake wind

and there you will find again the light and the warmth

you have been longing for

and you will discover that an entire world lies within

this moving ship and that the colours and the mood of nature here

portray that of your own emotions

and every desire and every dream

has the power to become real

if the right song is sung and its doors are cracked open

and one after another you shall visit

the islands of your dreams over the ocean of your emotions

and you shall discover that they too are part

of the sailing shrine of your heart

that is much more of a vessel, much more than a world

and you will understand that the seeds that everything which exists

have always been stored within the secret drawers

of this innermost place in the mountain of your heart