The marriage of two hearts

A balance between compassion and truth

In this dance we are dancing

opposites must be married together

to complete the vault of this cathedral

we have been building for ages

Action that is not supported by compassion

brings you head first into the wall

and compassion that is not complemented with action

keeps you stuck in the same place

Lies that are not supported by the light of your inner truth

throw you off road

like a car speeding up too much in curves at night

and crude facts that are not in agreement with your inner truth

won’t bring you the understanding you seek

unless they are supported with temporary lies

that shall become one day true

Do not judge ideas in function of those which are true and untrue now

nay, try to understand if they can have an existence

into the innermost part of your heart

and that will make you decide if ideas are good or bad

constructive or counterproductive

And this is one of the most crucial parts of these new steps

we have been learning and rehearsing

as we learn to find beauty and grace

and truths that exist in a place of timelessness

and we learn to combine words and silence

action and compassion

in our musical composition

and as we get more and more skilled into this art

our dance becomes a feast for the eyes

and our hearts dance with joy in our chests

for they feel they are coming closer and closer to their dreamt heaven

and soon they will be married together, and for eternity

and they will realize all the separations and divisions were mere illusions

and constructions to progress on the path of enlightenment