The dance of bridging worlds

Bridging worlds - the dance of bridges

Many worlds exist on many levels

with no door or passageway

to travel from one to the other

And with the different organs of our bodies

we can feel these separate worlds

Our feet reach to the deeper worlds

while our heads float among the lighter ones

and despite having a sole body

we do not feel unity among it

as parts of our being are lost in several dimensions

speaking different languages that are incomprehensible

to one another and being made of various materials

that cannot even recognize one another’s existence

And so has been our state for ages

until you and me met again

and we realized that if we ever wanted to find happiness

we needed to find a unity within our body

and among the various worlds and dimensions

We understood we needed to find the doorways

the gates, the bridges that would allow us to exist

on those different levels in harmony

and not in contradiction of one another

as it used to be

And thus we started the dance of bridging worlds

that dance where we move so fast

our blurred shape becomes a circle, filling the gaps

The undergrounds lead on the heavens

and the land opens up on the inner fire

and the celestial rain and thunder

Most of the existence happens on the middle plane

and it is there our conscience expands

and our senses are the most aware of what happens

and yet, all what happens in these lands

are metaphors of the eternity of our inner fire

and the boundlessness of heavenly wisdom

All what we see and touch and breathe and sense around us

is not only an object, but an idea

a physical representation of a thought

and the clear separation we see between the realm of imagination

and the surrounding world is not as true as we believed it to be

as the boundaries between these worlds blur

while our dance becomes faster and faster

and then we start understanding that the different worlds

and planes in existence are all the expression

of the same principle that exists in our hearts

indeed, this principle can take different shapes

it can become feet or a head, it can be solid or gaseous or ethereal

and yet, it is the same everywhere

and its power is so deep it has the power to bend

the solidest of metals, to break the hardest of stones

to command the shape of elemental particles

and to orchestrate the tempo of a storm

it has the power to give awareness

to the smallest of atoms and to the most complex of creatures

and it bridges the entire world within its sole principle

a force of nature it is, called love

from which all the planes of existence are born

And once this principle is understood deep within us

we gain the power to open gates and find passageways

and travel from one place to another by sole will

and then instead of seeing our feet and our head

our body and our mind as two separate things

we understand how our heart bridge them all

and how the body is the physical manifestation of our mind

and our mind the abstract comprehension of our body

and then we understand that for this dance to be healing

it needs to be danced at all levels

and we need not to hesitate between each step

letting entirely go to the music of our hearts

without any restrain or prudence

it is a dance of beauty and speed we are dancing

letting go of old limiting reflections

and finding a space of balance where all worlds rejoin

it is a dance of love we are dancing

coming closer and closer every time

until all gaps between us are bridged my dear

faster, faster, faster we spin and twirl and shock and kiss

faster, faster, faster we look into one another’s eyes and smile

and disappear and reappear

and as we come closer and closer we bring all these worlds closer and closer

until all separation is gone

and we see things not in external light

but within our imagined truth that becomes real

as our motions become lighter than the wind, faster than thunder

and our hearts beat on the pace of eternity and timelessness

Give me your hands and kiss me and come within me

until all distance is gone

and the two planes on which we were writing our words and existing

thinking one another dead

merge into one plane and we realize we have always been here for one another

and we shall always be

and we understand that in each and every thing we were looking for one another

and now we have finally found one another in our dream

as we dance and dance and dance to bring it to life

in a storm of shapes and colours of creation