Element of pain

Pain is not the bad ugly thing

you believe it to be

for pain is the current that pushes you toward love

pain is the wind that snatches off all what is dead from the tree of your spirit

and pain is the fire that burns everything that is untrue in you

Pain is not something to resist or elude

nay, you have chosen to come live into this world to experience this pain

As long as you are afraid of pain

you will also drown into pain

for an unbalance calls another one

and you will be unable to see the sheer beauty

of the deepest emotion of your body apart from love

the most extreme expression of fear you can have

Once you understand that pain is not your foe

not something to struggle against

once you listen to the whispered words underneath the roar and the screeches

once you open your heart to those who cause you pain

and you understand they too are in pain

and they are helping you heal as you are helping them grow

then you will see beauty into darkness

and instead of a black ghastly smoke you will perceive

the contour of your brightest dreams

and you will understand that the world of pain and fear

and the world of love and light

is the same world

and that there’s no use at all fighting against shadows

because as long as they recoil somewhere in your heart

you will be unable to love entirely, unable to see things as they truly are

To protect yourself from pain you have built a wall around your heart

preventing yourself to see the heaven of truth

and instead seeing the grey wall of false realities

that mirrors to you your worse fears and amplifies them

until you forget you are living into a prison you have built with your own hands

until you don’t know anymore how to find the door

and get out to breathe in the oxygen of life you need

and you wither between these stones and this dust

And thus by closing yourself to pain

you are closing yourself to love and light

and you are remaining trapped in imaginary  fears

that give you the impression someone is constantly stabbing your wounds

But this is not the truth my dear

the truth is you have no foe in this world

no foe apart the ones you invent yourself

the truth is that you won’t be happy as long as you won’t trust

trust others like you trust yourself, and trust yourself as you trust others

the truth is your faith should be blind and enlightened at once

you should close your eyes to the mistakes of others

and open your eyes to your own faults

and once you recognize these and you act to change

then, others too will suddenly become aware of what they are doing wrong

and in harmony you shall come anew

with new understandings bringing you even closer to true and entire love