I expressed you my tenderness and my wrath but never my admiration to me you are the most wonderful being in the entire universe and when I write wonderful, I mean it in the true ancient sense of the word full of wonders to discover and explore you are the dream of all my lifetimes … Continue reading Admiration


For years, ages, centuries my melody has been silenced my throat unable to produce any sound as all the harmony of the world had been broken for me I was mourning you still mourning the loss of our love mourning the happiness that could have been mourning the betrayal of friends and foes alike Once … Continue reading Pianoforte


It is the innocence of childhood that now shines in our heart and our faces have lost the hard traits and the calluses they had grown because of strife we now accept to be vulnerable again to life we trust the winds of heavens and the falling rivers of tears we trust the fire of … Continue reading Pureness

Naked faces

It is our naked faces we are now showing to the world we no longer wear masks and makeup Instead we proudly exhibit our wrinkles and our tears and the light in our eyes shines uncensored singing our innermost truths to everyone who dares to look in our gaze ‘t is the way to happiness … Continue reading Naked faces


Our old selves are melting dissolving in the wind as we become more and more transparent One after another our masks fall and crumble into dust and we discover the blazing truth lying underneath We are part of everything and everything is part of us and there are no reasons to be afraid We are … Continue reading Dissolving