False reality

Fields of corn - False reality

In our life we often dwell in false realities

we look at our surroundings

and take them for the ultimate truth

we read a history manual

and consider that everything written in it has happened exactly as it is described

we take the laws of science, the concepts of psychology

and we apply them blindly to ourselves and to life

But what if there was a deeper reality beyond these truths

what if the laws of physics were not the ultimate truth we thought they were

what if we could do things in the world that would defy all what we think fixed and unchangeable

what if we are not who we believed to be

what if with the power of our thoughts and our emotions combined

we can heal ourselves and transform the world

what if our dreams have more truth in them

than the boring reality we are trapped into

what if we all are gods who have not yet awakened to their true nature

what if one day we will be able to shape our lives and the world around us

not according to the laws of physics and economics

but following our own intuitions, our own visions and dreams

what if there are forgotten powers in our bodies we have not yet learnt to bring to the surface and use

what if we are dwelling every day in a false reality, and instead of looking at the cities and the fields of corn surrounding us

we should look beyond, much beyond, at a depth where things around us do not look dissociated and born from chance and chaos any longer

but where everything starts taking a new sense, everything becomes a metaphor of something deeper

and then it becomes possible to find beauty into the ugliest things

and our vision of life becomes metamorphosed as we understand all this dreary path we have been walking on

is only the way to reach the kingdom of our dreamt love and cross the river that separates it from our world