Along the path of life

Along the path of life

you often walk slowly, painfully

as your body is weighty

and the air around is even heavier

But there are times when, suddenly

you feel much lighter

and then you start running and dancing and whirling

and the motions of your body

become graceful and precise and fast

and your tedious progression

becomes a memory of the past

At these times everything accelerates

new comprehensions dawn on you

and make your horizon much clearer and brighter

and there is a dancing motion of joy in your limbs

and you want to scream your glee

and you become so light you can fly above

the pastures of your soul

and admire all the beauty of a setting sun

that brightens the landscape in hues of orange and purple

Oh how the greyness and the dreariness seem far

never in all your life you had hoped

to one day reach such happiness

But sometimes, suddenly, the ocean becomes restless again

and big crashing waves cut you out from the light

and all you can do is try resisting to the current

and avoiding to be dragged to the bottom of the sea

you try to ask life for mercy

but its only answer is another wave that crashes on your face

and yet even during the darkest of times, a little place of your heart knows

it knows that one day the storm shall quiet again

and you will find yourself in a new place you have never visited

but always dreamt of and there the waters shall be limpid

like a mirror of the sky, and your emotions will become

transparent as crystals of light

and there you shall discover your body has become even lighter

and more graceful it ever was

and your heart shall beat on the rhythm of everlasting happiness

and make you feel the deepest compassion for yourself and others

a compassion so deep that communication happens without words

and your understanding and that of others

all take root in the same place of true love