Unconscious process

Unconscious process

Colours have been whirling and twirling

as I took another plunge into the river of unconsciousness

and my eyes were blurred by the most absurd of patterns

and for a moment the molecules of my body

returned to the river and I was not one any longer

but a thousand small pieces with barely any consciousness left

In this chaos a new order was found

at first the wind blew from every directions

and molecules clashed in confusion

and I felt entirely aimless, directionless

but after a while into the river

a wind from a familiar direction grew

more and more insistent until

the heaviest molecules settled at the bottom

and the river resumed its normal flow

and my body returned to the surface as one peace

and there I could easily step on the riverbank

and observe my hands and my arms and my feet and my chest

in search of what the river and the wind

had changed within me

I can notice no visible difference, and yet I can somehow feel

something changed indeed

and this plunge has taken me a little closer to wholeness

a little closer to you oh beloved

And as the river shows me the reflection of my own face

I see there that my traits are gentler

and a ring of harshness, a ring of pain

have been snatched by the wind and taken down by the waters

and my motions now feel lighter, more fluid

and my dance becomes faster

and more in tune with the melody of my soul