A bloodied star

shines in the sky

and sings of strife

and bloodbaths

It reminds us all

of the wars we waged

and the deaths we provoked

With its red ore

it threatens ominously

with the passions it awakens

in humans’ hearts

All the masks of harshness

that were once moulded

are taken out from closets

and worn again

and the world becomes

a scary place

where all lights have been turned off

and where hateful, compassionless eyes

look at you from the darkness

you try to speak to these shadows

you try to bring light back to their hearts

with the beautiful melodies you sing

but all you obtain is a wall of silence

and expressionless eyes staring at you with disdain

and hate and fear

and for a moment the world becomes

a place of horror

You try to give your hand

and make peace with your old foes

but they slap your hand

or they simply make as if it didn’t exist

And frustration grows in you

as the hearts of men are gained by the tides of the red star

you want to shout, you want to cry

you want to gain the attention of these soulless men

you want to recall them to their true nature

but all your efforts are vain

you cannot fight against the bloodied star

when it shines in hearts of men

for if you fight you too come under its sign

All you can do my dear is wait

until the red light gets dimmed again

and a clearing breeze chases away all the smoke and the mist

and then the walls your foes have built in anger

will fall down in absence of raw material

and their fall will provoke a tidal wave

that will have the best of all their defences

until when they are forced to see the truth

that hits them in the face

that dents in the flesh of their heart

and then compassion and understanding

shall grow again in them

until when they are ready to give you their hand

that you will take to make peace

and transform the battle axe

into a pickaxe to plough the fields of your spirit

and build new towns where the land

had been devastated by wars for years

And then a new wealth and new beauty

shall sprout from every rock and every plant

and the miracle of love you had been waiting for so long

will finally occur and fill you with its colours and its light