Full moon eclipse

Watch for the full moon eclipse

it is a bridge between the past and the future

it is a moment of eternity that brings wholeness back to you

all our life we have lived deprived of the light of the sun

obstructed, diffracted, absorbed by the presence

of a gaseous planet between us

but tonight our dance is finally bringing us

away from the smoke and the rock

that prevented to see each other in the eyes

to feel each other mouths and smiles

and feel your tongue on my tongue

and the words and the images

to flow between us

and give birth to the most beautiful

rainbow constellations in the space

For a long, long time we have been incomplete

and our awareness was dimmed

and in a couple of hours, the shift will occur

what was invisible shall become visible

fears shall be transformed into creation clouds

with which to give shape and substance

to all the worlds we dream of

Watch out for the full moon eclipse

and for when the moon will assume

the state we have been in for so long

shining in an orange red of rust and blood

instead of shimmering into a silvery white

let this energy renew yourself from within

and carry all what is old and used

in both your body and your spirit

and then when the moon sees again

the sun for the first time

notice how much lighter you are

and how you can do things

you could only dream of before

Trust in the moon

trust in your love

trust in your truth

for they will all come in alignment tonight

and the sun shall reappear to your eyes

after having deserted the world for so long

for years, you could only trust into the sun’s existence

but now the sun shall appear again

for whom has faith into his heart

and the wind of heaven shall rise

and take away all what you no longer need

Watch for the moon tonight

and know I will be watching it too

and as the door between worlds cracks and opens

be ready to embrace me in you

and free your waters

that will flood my plains

and fill my lakes anew