Lost lore

Tarte aux groseilles

A lore of old

has been long ago lost

Unconscious of it all

I’ve lived my life till now

without worrying much

‘bout the past

But now I start to remember

as emotions and intuitions

come back to my memory

I start to remember the paradise

we have once lost

and how we will now bring it back

and restore all the beauty and the fairness

that have long ago departed from this world

And in my small gestures

there sometimes is an echo

of a distant past

a time where women and men

could see well beyond the surface

a time when the roots of all disciplines

met at the same source

a time when everything was thought

and cared for from the heart

To retrieve this wisdom we have lost

‘t is very important to trust

the intuitions of our thoughts

and those of our bodies

‘t is vital to trust our hands

as they pour the flour and the sugar

the gooseberries and the plums

and the grinded almonds

for that’s how we shall bring back

magic to this world