Letting some light in

After a period of utter darkness

you’ve left ajar some windows

to let some light inside your heart

You still cannot see the sky

and your eyes are not used to sunlight anymore

and so you hide in the deepest parts of your house

until the sun sets over the horizon

and then you come to admire its dying glow

as it paints the upper rooms of your house in orange and golden

You’re still not ready to leave the defensive castle you dwell

and you still refuse to welcome unprompted visitors

but you’re less closed off than you were a few years ago

and as the moonlight illuminates your hands and your face

and you look at your reflection in the mirror windows

you feel that the seed of hope inside your heart

is ready to sprout again in even more beautiful and sturdy tree

than the one that was struck by a thunderbolt

and you had to cut down

to craft the shutters and the doors you’ve enclosed yourself with