Sinking land

There are times when

the land is in want of rain

and other times when

it is sinking under way too much water

‘t is a balance between

too much and too little

that must be found

if you ever wish

to see vegetation and animal life

flourish in the plains of your spirit

There is a river flowing in you

from your heart to you arms

to your legs and your mind

this river carries a creative flow

that you can use and harvest

to power mills and create wealth

you can there reduce the wheat you cultivate to flour

and whenever the river is pregnant

‘cause of falling torrents and melting snow

you can divert it into lakes and rice fields

However, there are times when

you cannot control the river’s flow

and the water rises too much and too fast

and it inundates the towns of your spirit

Then the only way to escape the elements’ fury

is to have built the shrine of your heart

in so light a material

it can float over the expanding river

and ride its waves

as one’s rides a horse

And then your town may well end up

in another place over other latitudes

and there you will perhaps learn to cultivate

potatoes and tomatoes and acorn

and perhaps the colours there

will be more to your liking

than over the gray lands of rain where you once lived

‘t is through journeys that you can discover the world

and that you learn more and more about yourself

are you a priest or a teacher, a scholar or a preacher

do you express yourself the best

when you handle the paintbrush and the easel

or d’you prefer to stroke the cords of a wind instrument

is your song so pure it rises from the forest depth as a prayer

or are you fonder in the bustling cacophony of craftsmen streets

what’s the true you, who are you really

you have no other choice but ride the river of your spirit

whenever it decides to throw you

on another shore

and if instead you’re obstinate to stay

where the land is sinking all around

then when the waters will retreat

nothing shall be anymore as it used to

and you’ll build again your innermost town

as though you had been thrown in a new nation

But then, where’s the freedom of choice in all that

is life an adventure where we’re constantly uprooted and replanted

as the plants in a nursery are

is there no other aim than accumulating experiences

that have little to do with one another

Nay, nay, you’re not seeing the full canvas my dear

the most important is still missing from my story

all along you are looking for something precious

your river carries in you

and the sunlight warms you with

You are looking for something that cannot be harvested into mills

you are looking for something that seems to be everywhere

but you cannot find

you brush it with your hand, and it recoils from your touch

but as time passes you understand

‘t is something you cannot touch nor capture

‘t is something that flows in everything

but has no tangible existence

meaning that your eyes cannot see it

and your nose cannot smell it

and your ears cannot hear it

and yet it is everywhere

To see this thing you are looking for my dear

you need for a moment to go entirely blind and deaf

there in the darkness of your sense

you can listen better to the inner voice of your spirit

and you will discover that this thing you have so desperately looked for

also flows in your heart

You do not need to touch it or grasp it or contain it or possess it

for it already is in you

and by simply dancing in balance with the music of your soul

and that of the world

you shall be lit from an inner light you could never find outside yourself



The initial inspiration for this poem has been a photography by Thierry Zakhia. You can visit his Instagram by clicking on this link to see more of his artwork! 

Sinking land



About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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