Growing into magic

We are growing again

into the innocent children we once were

throwing all our worries and our pain

to the flowing river

We are retrieving this enthusiasm

that made our heart always beat

and our legs run and climb faster

and our minds curious

of everything around

We are finding again this magic

we once thought forever lost

from our lives, from our dreams

The magic is here in us

and it dances in everything

our eyes touch

The magic is here in us my dear

The magic is here in us and it is real

it is real, it is real

the magic is here in us my dear

all the beauty we thought gone

was just hiding where we could not perceive it

or rather, we had closed ourselves

to breathing it in

but now we are free, we are free to caress everything again

and to sing forbidden songs

that make the stone melt and crack the iron

we are free to be ourselves

in all our splendour

we are free to become children again

without the suffering and the fears we had then

for when you grow in wisdom, you become an adult

and when you grow even more in wisdom

you let the child in you grow again

until when you look at the world without any judgement or fear

but with marvel in front of every dew drop

and every rainbow and butterfly

and a curiosity for each stone and each burgeon

and each little plant that grows

You’re not running anymore around the days of your life

that all look the same

you’re taking the time to walk and to rest and to walk and rest again

you’re walking out of pleasure and not out of obligation

and pleasure and happiness are the only motivations

to do all what you do