The birds of truth

The birds of truth

The birds of truth

have now been unleashed into the world

nothing can resist our love any longer

a blinding light forces the misty shadows away

and the masks people were wearing

are falling one after another

The ë runs in our veins freely

as in times of yore

and is instilled in everything

we touch and look at

and the birds are carrying

our light all over the land

no stronghold of darkness and lie shall remain standing

our breath and our heartbeat

are synchronized again

and all the land has started vibrating along this tune too

no stone shall remain unturned

in ourselves and in everything around

we are tracking the past that does not belong to us

but to the stories we create and paint and sing

we are tracking the lies

that have kept us trapped for so long

we now know the right melody

for seashells to open their secrets

and hidden doors to reveal themselves

we know how to uproot and cure the fear

and the wounds of old

for we’ve been journeying on this path for long

and we have reached an understanding of ourselves

that grants us the key to open

the doors of unfriendly hearts

for deep down, we all have the same yearn

the same desire that manifests differently on the surface

deep down, we all are looking for truth and love

and completeness

and that means the person who has understood that

with all her being can read in others

like in open books

and help them find the page and the tempo

to get out from their destructive patterns

that still keep them trapped out of love