Truth crystallized

You’ve shown me the deepest treasure

I had been looking for

I gazed into your eyes

and there I read all the answers

to the queries I expressed and those I did not

I looked into the same direction

as you were looking

and far in the distance

close in the proximity

I saw truth crystallized

I saw the part of the universe, the part of us

that does not change and is timeless

All around shifts and move

but the central cores have always been

and will always remain

For a moment the canvas of truth

appeared vividly before my eyes

and it struck my comprehension

and now I know life will not be the same anymore

for this realm of crystals I saw

is now imprinted in my spirit

unchanging in time

‘t is so easy to get out of balance

and lose our groundedness

drowning the melody of truth

into meanless chatter

‘t is so easy to focus on what is moving

and drift away in those treacherous clouds

instead of resting our gaze on

what lies beyond all horizons

and can be found too

at hand reach in our heart

This new understanding we’ve wrought

sparkles with a thousand lights

and it’s got harder and harder

to ignore