The language we speak

As time grows

the language we speak

becomes closer and closer

At first it took me years

to understand the deeper meanings

hidden into your words

but now as I listen to your songs

as I read your poetry

once and  twice and thrice

its verses penetrate each time

more deeply in me

and if at first I can see a pretty landscape

you’ve painted with words

then I can feel how

this poetry moves within me

opening doors, shattering walls

I did not know existed

delving always deeper, always deeper

burning and melting all its find on its way

I do not feel pain but awe

as I witness how your words

plunge deep within my heart

and I smile telling to myself

only your poetry could have

such potency in me

and even between a hundred thousand lights

it’d still be recognizable

and I now understand we know different words

of the same language

my tongue is an extension of yours

two different ways to express

the truth of love we feel

complementing one another like

the grass and the trees and the ditches and the distant mountains

build up the structure of the landscape

and the fast moving clouds and the sun and the moon and the rainbow

paint the celestial canvas above

my words are as complete and dense as a rainforest

and yours resemble an airy meadow with the shades of fast moving clouds

and together the meadow and the forest

augment one another

creating a contrast and a continuity

that makes this growing world

even more disorienting and beautiful