Finding wholeness in individuality

On our rocky planet

we are learning to find the ice

and the water underneath

that will nurture life

For centuries large deserts of stone and sand

surrounded the tower we dwelt

from every direction

This tower was the only standing building

and trace of life that was known of

For years we tried to explore

the remotest corners of our planet

looking for precious resources

from which to build towns

and grow forests

Our quest however has not brought

the discoveries we had wished for

and beyond the land of burning sand and arid rock

we only found a desert of ice

where nothing would grow

We tried hauling blocks of ice

to the desert of sand

but the ice turned to vapour

instead of becoming water

making our land even warmer

and casting the shadow of despair on our heart

After trying nearly everything

we came back to our tower to mourn

the loss of all our bright hopes

and for centuries we closed ourselves to light

shutting the windows of the tower

and dwelling in its cold darkness

One day however tired of our mourning even

we had the idea to look into one another’s eyes

and there we saw the beginning of an answer

to our questions

we understood we had overlooked the most important

during all these years

focusing on our quest while forgetting one another

we had become so used to one another’s presence

we thought we were only one

we knew our heart and our mind

formed the same thoughts at the same moment

and so there was no use in communicating

and worrying about one another, right?

That had been a fatal mistake

for we are not the same person

true, there’s only one tower uniting our limbs and our hearts

true, there’s no separation between our thoughts

when we dwell close to one another

and yet there is a way to transform the desert into a thriving land

but first of all we must become thriving individuals

and not shadows of one another

the love that unites us must not be something

that prevents us from growing into our consciousness

but instead be the force between us

that lends us power and strength

those were the thoughts our minds formed

but we incapable of formulating

as we were recalled to the intensity of one another’s gaze

and so we decided to leave our tower for a while

and each walk in the opposite direction

so that we’d meet only once in a while

when our paths crossed one another

and so we did, walking ‘round our planet

and each time we met we realized

we both had grown

and by so walking our feet ploughed the land

and brought back to the surface seeds that had lied well within the surface

and the dust our feet blew into the sky

formed a screen that protected us from the blazing light of the sun

and the temperature on our planet started to cool

as we walked it round and round and round

until the conditions became favourable for some of the ice to melt

and become liquid water

and thus the first river flowed

and we stopped walking for a while sitting in the first garden that sprung

and hugging and making love to one another to celebrate

but the rest of our planet was still a desert

and as the dust started to fall back onto the land

the sun’s temperature rose again

threatening to dry up the river and make it become desert again

and so we started walking again

round and round and round the planet

crossing only once every year or so

and our legs grew stronger and sturdier as we did

and our longing for one another grew and grew

and sometimes at night we cried out of loneliness

but we knew in the name of the love we felt for one another

we could not stop walking

otherwise our planet would return to its original state

when we dreamt to see it covered with striving rivers

and seas and mountains and towns and flowers

as years passed our dream slowly started to grow

and every day we were marvelled by the changes we saw

in the landscape respect to the years and the decades before

there were places that changed faster than others

and so our excitement peaked on some days

while we felt discouraged of

how slow our progress was on other days

but deep within our heart we knew

we were finding the answer to the riddle

that had been busying us from the start

life was teaching us that we needed to look inward

to find this beauty we wished to see flourish on the land

and not try to discover it by turning every stone of arid deserts

as we had tried doing for long, long times

also, as we walked we started to understand more and more the value of love

and we understood how precious we were to one another

and how important it was for each of us to grow and bloom

having the same thoughts and feelings and erasing one another’s individuality

was not the way to achieve our dreams

nay, that kept us trapped into a desert of nothingness

to create and transform the desert around

we needed to merge and clash our energies

and be well-conscious of our particularities

of the special gifts that distinguished you from me

because even though our minds and our hearts

are related by wires of love

there is another place in us that is unique

a place where we mirror and complement one another

and where you are all what I am not

and I am all what you are not

and so every time we meet again we are awed by one another’s beauty and insight

for even in a thousand years we wouldn’t reach them on our own

each time our paths cross and clash

the love and the admiration grow

and we discover how special we both are for one another

and how dazzling is the light that emanates from both our faces

there is never a moment of boredom between one another

for you bear all the responses to my questions

and I carry all the colours you need to fill your drawings with

and as we walk round and round and round the planet

the climate slowly changes

and rainforests and cold forests and tundras

start covering different parts of the world

and the motion we bring to the earth

makes the ground underneath more sensitive and active

and as we clash and merge our energies

the land underneath does the same

and thus rise mountains and valleys are born

the rivers complete the work

digging the rock and filling the depressions

transforming them into lakes and seas

each year we are prouder of the land we walk on

still recalling what a fruitless desert it once was

and marvelling at all the fruits that grow

and the birds that bring their merry singing to our ears

and with all the oxygen the plants and the algae release

the atmosphere thickens and transforms

creating a natural filter to the sun

that lets in its purest light

blocking its burning warmth out

and so we can now rest in our tower

and enjoy the progress our land makes on its own

without needing our footsteps to blow dust in the air any longer

and sometimes we do rest in one another’s arms

sharing all the dreams and projects we have thought about while we were parted

but we have taken such a taste to walk

that we continue roaming our land for half the year at least

each from our part to always remain connected with our individuality

and the unique gift we bear in us

so that when we meet again

we always have something new and unexpected

to share and feast on