The deepest fear

Our deepest fear

has now been unveiled


all our actions were shaped

by something hidden

where no light could come in

The bubble has now burst

and we can see underneath

as a flock of anguishes

blind us anew

This fear knows no rational explanation

‘t is an unbridgeable gap

that only love can span

for in its wake

come light and understanding

and the wisdom of balance

The truth lies in ourselves

and the reality around

is a manifestation of the creation

our mind tries to understand it

to make rules out of it

but after all

how can there be rules within a story

for it is a story we are in

and we are at the same time its passive characters

and its protagonists

and the story only waits for us

to understand our divinity

and start writing it in our own way

with our own shifting rules

The world is not a rigid thing

‘t is not a video game where we are in

but a much more complex storyline

where the actors can become

their own directors

Science has made rigid

what has always been fluid

establishing rules and truths

thought universal

But science is just a snapshot

of how the universe looks

to our shifting understanding

Let’s not anchor our referential

to something that is in nature wrong

let’s not tie the inner truth

brightly shining in our hearts

to what we think to see around us

for our hearts know the language of our soul

while our eyes

do not always know how to see

the light within all what lies ‘round us

The truth of the universe

the enigma of life

both lie within us

and so our deepest fear

has no longer enough room to exist

for we have opened

the doors of our hearts

and the light that comes in

is as bright as the light

that filters out

What seemed contradictory

and worrisome at first

is not in fact

for the more we grow into our own truths

the more we realize

the infinitely small is

as important as the infinitely large

one cannot do without the other

as the night cannot do without the day

You will keep your own existence and consciousness

as I shall keep mine

we will come into togetherness

and part again without pain

for an invisible bond unites our hearts

and even when we are afar

our faces are lit by the same light

Seeing all souls from afar

you see a constellation, a sky

a beautiful harmony between them

and looking at them from closer you see

planets and suns and moons and comets

and that is how we shall be

part of a whole

and yet complete within ourselves

The fear of losing what and who we are

fades away as we understand

the reality around us

must be perceived as a string of metaphors

a story that is waiting for us

to continue writing itself

and be written by all our hands

imagined by all our hearts

The world is not the place we believe to be

the world is not frozen into a scientific state

the world is shifting

and we are bringing the change

Brace yourself and look into my eyes

for I won’t suck away your consciousness

as you fear

nay, we will both keep our essences

our colourful comets

that clash each time we hold hands and kiss

giving birth to a storm of our own

pregnant with the forests and the towns and the stories

we together dream of